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A Piece of Molly's Mind

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Enter My Mind

Take a look at all of the projects that I have created and stay tuned for more. 

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My Children's Book Series

Enjoy my Children's Book Series. 

Blossom, Mortimer, Little Pumpkin, Sherman and our latest friend Shuttsy!  

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Countertop Time

Molly started this little show basically because "I’ll probably never get one of my own!" Just some fun sitting with a guest talking about everything!

Grove Hill Documentary

A documentary about the famous Chagrin Falls tradition, the pumpkin roll. A 50 year tradition that brings more than just pumpkins to everyone that rolls. Hear both sides of this controversial tradition through my award-winning documentary partnered with R43 Limited.


That's My Jam

Join Molly in the car as she sings with her friends to their favorite jams. 

Coming Back SOON!

The Wenis Report

A short Mocumentary where Molly Gebler heads to the streets to find out if people know where their wenis is located.

Editor: Theo Hawk


Best. Podcast. Ever.

Best.Podcast.Ever. is a collaboration between Alex Gertsburg of The Gertsburg Law Firm, and Molly Gebler of the Chagrin Valley Chamber of Commerce. Tune in each week to hear interviews that will make you laugh, or cry, or be inspired by the stories of amazing people.


Molly retired from the show in Jan 2020 

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